Go Bush Noongar style with Bel- Djirrily Dreaming

Go Bush with Bel and Djirrily Dreaming

Learning activities are all about giving participants a fun, interactive, Noongar cultural experience, linked to the school curriculum and learning outcomes.

School incursions and activities suited for Foundation – Secondary.


All ages

  • Boodja Bush and Noongars – Learn about Country and the ways of the Noongar people, 6 Seasons, Lore and the Dreaming.
  • Noongarts and Crafts- Art sessions based on the Dreaming, create a piece of art from raw materials, Noongar style and rock art.
  • Noongar Bingo – Play bingo learn language using Noongar symbols, plants, animals and win prizes.
  • Noongar Olympics –  Fun Sports and problem solving in teams, Spear Throwing, Kangaroo Squash and Honkynut Hoops.
  • Koolungar Katijin Biddis (Children’s Knowledge Paths).
  • The Bush Pharmacy – Use your back yard bush for health and well-being.

Foundation – Lower Primary

  • Sing - Along - Belong - Get moving with song and dances about the animals and the bush.

Upper Primary - Secondary

  • Yorga’s (Girls) Gather and Pamper Session – make a natural bush perfume or lip gloss. Gather your ingredients from the bush, discuss the seasons and a girl’s role in the life of Noongars.
  • Norps (Boys) Sport and Spear – make a natural deodorant then play a series of fun Noongar inspired games. Like Spear Throwing, Kangaroo Squash.